State of the Art Performance Centers and Flight Deck

Premium Performance

The name TaylorMade Golf says it all. TaylorMade is the #1 golf company in the world, and the best research and development team and best club fitting professionals in the world have created an unmatched fitting experience right here in Las Vegas at the TaylorMade Golf Experience. Welcome to our fitting centers and Flight Deck.

State-of-the-art technology and years of fitting experience and training combines to give golfers a unique and compelling opportunity that will change games.

 The Flight Deck Performance Center at the TaylorMade Golf Experience features Foresight technology.
The GC2 Smart Camera System and HMT Head Measurement Technology help our certified club fitters to offer performance-driven, game-enhancing analysis solutions that are unmatched in accuracy, mobility, reliability.

insideflightdeck“The technology and experience of our fitters allow us to show golfers how the golf ball is performing as well as show them what the club is doing,” says Tom Fisher, Global Manager of Experientials, TaylorMade Golf. “We will show golfers the cause and the effect, and that allows us to fit them perfectly with new clubs that will improve their games. This makes for a much more in-depth fitting.”

Also available at the Performance Center is a large selection and matrix of demo clubs—both left-handed and right-handed—which guarantees that any golfer no mater of size, swing speed, etc. can test shafts and clubs that are properly fit for them.

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Another huge benefit that isn’t found anywhere else in Las Vegas is the ability to experience both inside and outside environments.

Our inside center allows for climate controlled fitting in a secluded setting, but our outdoor range is also available to complete the fitting session.

“The goal of a fitting experience is to fit golfers with the proper clubs and to reveal the science behind it,” says Fisher. “But seeing is believing, and taking golfers from the indoor setting to the outdoor setting and allowing them to watch the ball is a huge advantage. The best validation is watching perfect ball flight in an outdoor turf or real grass setting.”

Build While You Wait

Our club builder is on site and will build your new clubs while you wait.

For some clubs, once the fitting is complete, golfers will receive their new clubs within 48 hours from TaylorMade Golf. The fitting fee is waived if golfers purchase a set of new clubs following the session.

Fitting Fees with the Experts*:

$50 for woods or irons

$150 for full bag of clubs

FREE — Quick Fix

* Fee waived with purchase of a new set of clubs

The Flight Deck Is Here

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is the only place in Las Vegas beyond the Tour with a TaylorMade Tour-like Fitting facility where Tour-caliber, master technicians are building custom golf clubs onsite specifically to match your swing. This is truly a “professional for a day” experience created by TaylorMade Golf in an unmatched setting located on the magical Las Vegas Strip.

The Flight Deck® at the TaylorMade Golf Experience analyzes your swing with Flightscope® Launch Monitors capturing club-head and ball speed, spin rate, launch angle and a host of other critical data. All of this while under the watchful eye of a world-class TaylorMade Golf master swing technician.

Your personal master technician matches your swing and data with the right clubs, with the right specs, to optimize your game.  Your clubs will be built onsite, just as they would be for a professional Tour player, while you watch, or you can play a round of golf while you wait.  The ultimate level of your personal golf journey is now available at TaylorMade Golf Experience in Las Vegas. Come dial in your game today! Call 702-897-9500.