Leagues and For Fun

Premier Golf and Massive Fun

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is the premier play and practice facility in Las Vegas, but we also embrace fun and love to implement new ideas. We recently added 15” Cups to each green—in addition to the regular size cups. This allows beginners and easier time and even seasoned golfers a chance to play golf with the frustration of three putts. Plus we have ongoing GOLF LEAGUES.

The TaylorMade Golf Experience Fun Formats:

  • Leagues
  • 15” Cups
  • Foot Golf
  • Closest to the hole contests
  • Hole-in-one contests
  • Long drive contests
  • Demo Days and Nights
  • Happy Hour Golf specials
  • Customized events

NEW GOLF LEAGUE STARTS July 13 — Click here for information and registration.


TaylorMade Golf has introduced the HACK Golf concept which is all about FUN.

Hack Golf is a pioneering initiative aimed at making golf more fun for everyone. The premise: we need to re-invigorate the golf experience to ensure the game continues to thrive in the 21st century.

Designed as an open innovation and collaborative platform, Hack Golf brings together passionate golfers, interested non-golfers, and industry leaders—indeed, anyone with ideas and approaches toincrease the fun factor in golf.

Click Here For more about Hack Golf